Welcome to my website I am Imad aka theEmade
a Software Developer & Entrepreneur



Worked on several projects with experience in following technologies

Experience in Software Design & Marketing

I love to create things, design things and i am a tech guy loving to expand my network and possibilities

Expand your skills

Share content and learn.
Trustworthy and fun.

Ideas, Creativity and Design are my passions

I like to create things that are meaningful

I create

Websites and Apps
I do Marketing and ECommerce

Worked on own brands

IT Security and Hacking



Maximizing opportunities


review average in my apps

Worked on


Different Projects


Smart Mirror Project

I built my own smart mirror:

My Portfolio & Projects

MyMathX: iOS and Android App


Easily calculate mathematical equations

Graphs and Dots

Draw functions and intersections betweenfunctions

other Projects

Co Founder of TIK Board Games

I worked on
developed the whole website and online shop from design to functions
CEO @ MyMathx
Core Developer and CO Founder of the App MyMathx

Your solution is wrong and you don't know where the error is. No problem with MyMathX you can compare your calculation and find the error. Make math easy!

Link to the project
Several Unpublished Mobile App for iOS and Android
Mobile Apps

I developed several mobile apps such as shop systems, games etc.

Website Developments
Several Websites

My Websites I created for customers:

If you have a project or inquiry for me contact me:


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